Prints to love

The variety of patterns and prints in the market are astoundingly plenty. The courage to wear these different prints make fashion exciting! The type of print also influences the vibe of an outfit. Not to mention, the illusion of these prints can make an individual taller or thinner.

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I had a nice cup of ambiance (and coffee) at Coffee Project BGC

I often go to a coffee shop and spend my time either reviewing or researching back when I was still in college. However, today now that I’m a working girl, I don’t sit and sip, instead, buy a drink and speed my way down the road. The busy times are catching up with people like me and don’t have the luxury to stay put at one place. Coffee Project leveled up it’s game and crafted it’s interior into a beautiful piece of art. This made me think about allotting time for coffee and rest and besides, who doesn’t want to stay at this cafe for a while?

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KDA Akali inspired outfit

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KDA Popstar became a hit on its first day of release and garnered a million views in YouTube! For those who don’t know about this, KDA is a digital KPop group created by a gaming franchise called League of Legends under Riot Games. They released the music video during their Worlds 2018 finals before the final match was taken place. Actually, I’m a big fan of League of Legends! I have been playing the game for 3 years constantly watching the e-sports scene while I’m at it.

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