[Photoshoot] Out on a Sunny Saturday

I had an exciting Saturday dated a few weeks ago with this awesome lad at Mall of Asia. This was part of our Funshoot excursion which we planned days before. The inspiration behind this shoot is a carefree walk on the coast, enjoying the sea breeze.

Don’t forget to check out his photos on this photographer’s FB page!

For this look, I took an inspiration based on the vintage style of women in the late 1800s. The fashion in this era is described as conservative and well ostentatious where women wear long dresses/skirts and long sleeved blouse. The dress depends on a women’s social status. If a woman is with a renowned family name, fashion is visibly overdressed and extravagant if compared in our current generation’s fashion standard.

I took the liberty to play with the color pink and fuchsia to bring out a dose of the modern year 2000 look.

Check out more photos on my FB page!

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