Four OOTDs for this Valentines Season

Valentines is just around the corner, have you got a date for tomorrow, February 14? Worry fret, with or without a date, fashion should not be exclusive for couples. Here are 4 types of get ups to look good in Valentines.

Note: I wore the same shoes for every look. Feel free to change it to whatever it appears best for you. I highlighted the footwear that will be best for every outfit below. 

I. Casual and Simple

This is for people who love denim in every occasion. The denim pants and tee is a popular pick for most Filipino women who love to dress simple. Even a simple tee and denim can bring your personality into it. Add a jacket to top it up with a flair. Be sure to wear your favorite sneakers as opposed to dolls shoes from below pictures.

II. Sexy and Mature

Hearts in the air! Hearts in the air! Wear your heart out by bringing your own sexiness by picking this out. I made sure that the red cloth on the dress was very similar to the tint of a red stoplight. Showing a little bit of skin for this type of look will do the trick. I picked a plunging neck line dress that has a plain red color, then, grabbed my see through laced cardigan as a cover up. If you aren’t ashamed to strut in public, wear black or red heels to complement this look.

III. Cute and Feminine

It’s just my personal opinion but I prefer this type of look among the rest of the ootds. A cuteness that will last through the day even with or without a date. I picked my favorite tutu skirt and partnered it with two blouses. One is a sleeveless blouse and the red one is a long netted sleeved shirt. To make it extra cute, wear a white platform sneakers or a pink 2-inch heeled sandals.

IV. Preppy and Professional

Since Valentines will occur on a weekday, most of us will come from work or school. As an office worker, it’s quite a hassle to dress up for Valentines during work especially if tired the day before; so I whipped up a simple look for working women to follow. Wear your standard office heels (black or leather) to match up this look.

There are a lot of looks to mix and match with but the important thing is that have fun and enjoy your Valentines day with friends, lover, and family.

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