[Review] Budget Palettes of Focallure under Php500

I thought drugstore products are the cheapest in the market of makeup. If you are a fan of budget makeup that work then Focallure is the best store to check out. It is a Chinese owned store I found while browsing at Shopee. I bought two palettes. Care Your Favors, Bright Lux and Sweet as Honey. Let us see if these are worth the buy!

Care Your Favors, Bright Lux consists of 18 shades containing a bunch of golds, pinks, and browns. It has a decent amount of matte and shimmer for one’s selection. It costs Php366 ($6.96) at their Shopee official store.

Sweet as Honey consists of 18 shades with colors ranging from pastels to dark colors. The dark shimmer colors are served to contrast the light colors of its pastel range. As compared to Care Your Favors, this packaging has a mirror enclosed which explains its higher price. It costs Php468 ($8.90) found at this link.

On the left side of my eye, I’ll be putting on Care Your Favors while on the right side, I’ll be putting Sweet as Honey.

My face makeup is complete and all I need to finish this look is to try these two palettes on my eyes.

I. Put on a primer

I used Sace Lady eye primer to set my eye then let it dry before applying any shade.

PS: I’ll be reviewing Sace Lady soon!

II. Care Your Favors

I planned on a lightweight smokey eye that is wearable even at day time. I’ll be using warm tone shades for this look.

I started with salmon matte as my base color. Then added salmon shimmer at the right side of my lid.

Then, added wine on the crease of my eye. To finish, brown gold on the center of my lid

I noticed that the shimmers aren’t strong and not as blinding as I thought it would look like. It has a matte shimmer finish.

III. Sweet as Honey

For my right eye, I used some of its cool toned colors. I fell in love with Trevi Fountain, Danger, and Witchcraft the moment I saw it.

I used Desert Sand as my base color then used Trevi Fountain on both sides of my lid.

At the center, I mixed Khaki and Chamoise for a silver finish. Blend well to smoothen out the edges.

To smoothen out the transition, use your brush and mix Khaki and Trevi Fountain to create a gradient.

IV. Result

Left one is without an eyeliner. Right one is with an eyeliner.


I used these two palettes on a couple of occasions. To summarize my experience :


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Color is true upon application
  • Easy to blend
  • Pigmented mattes


  • Not long lasting. Can go about 4 hours then the shimmers will lose its glitter. It doesn’t last too lang even with a primer and setting spray.
  • A little bit of fallout but not drastic
  • Noticed that some of my brushes can’t get hold of the glitters. I have to scoop it out with a brush instead of just patting it.
  • Matte glitter finish

Overall, I’m happy with these two palettes because its cheap and it does the job for your everyday eye makeup. I do not recommend wearing these on special occasions because its lasting power is not strong.

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