Prints to love (pt 2)

Back to another post about the different prints and patterns you can wear!


Lace patterns are a hot trend right now on women’s apparel. When I wasn’t well versed on this type of clothing, it always reminded me of our tablecloths at home. But eventually I came to understand the beauty of it since these elaborate knitted patterns are created with considerable hard work. You can find affordable lace patterns at your local department store although you can see the difference in quality as compared with higher end merchandise. The cheaper ones tend to have thinner clothing material.


The basics of the basics. Of course those straight parallel lines that will not outdate any wardrobe. From horizontal to vertical lines, the person wearing this can take advantage of its craft of illusion. Horizontal stripes gives the illusion of height while vertical stripes the illusion of width. As someone who isn’t gifted with height, I tend to get all those horizontal stripes for my sake.

Polka dots

I love this pattern because it reminds me of Minnie Mouse! Believe it or not, I feel 10 years younger when I wear this kind of print. Is it because it looks childish? Supplied with a big ribbon in a back, I guess so? This will suffice for my missing youth for now… 😛

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