Prints to love

The variety of patterns and prints in the market are astoundingly plenty. The courage to wear these different prints make fashion exciting! The type of print also influences the vibe of an outfit. Not to mention, the illusion of these prints can make an individual taller or thinner.

Having said that, I love playing with prints and patterns which brings out a personality for you. I’ll be listing out all the patterns I wore this week.


It’s typical to see a floral dress pattern because a flower is a symbol of femininity. There are pastel colored, bright colored, dark colored prints out there for your preference.

I like this in particular because it has contrasting colors (red and blue) which somewhat gives the outfit a retro feel. This kind of reminds me of a retro game (for example arcade games like Pacman) which only has the colors black, yellow, blue, red, white.. etc

Inanimate objects

This pattern consists of a bunch of objects sometimes representing a place or a person. It can be at your home, school, or work. It can also point an era, country, period, figure etc. As for this clothing, this reminds me of the middle east because of the golden vases, antique looking bottles, and fan.

First thing that comes to mind is Alladin, which is said to be in India, but for me resembles the middle east quite a lot. The color is strikingly similar to Alladin’s magical carpet!

I’ll be posting more patterns and prints again next week! Stay tuned!

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