Top 5 pasalubongs you can buy at Singapore

We come again to another pasalubong special for people who like to travel and give gifts whenever they return back home to their loved ones. This is why travelling is #MoreFunInThePhilippines because even those left behind are still able to partake a slice of experience the traveler had by accepting his/her gifts! It has become an unspoken tradition to any Filipino travelling locally or internationally to give gifts upon his/her return. These gifts are called pasalubongs. Any gifts can range from food, clothes, to key chains. You name it! Let me orient you with these affordable pasalubong (gifts) ideas without going bankrupt. 

I. Chocolates

Chocolates and Compound Chocolates
photo taken from Walter Rau

One of the best pasalubong to buy for your loved ones waiting at your hometown are chocolates. People love these sweet little snacks that can be eaten anywhere. For people who don’t like sweets, you have the option to buy them dark chocolates for that toned down sweetness. 


photo taken from FNA

It’s the most affordable chocolate seller here in Singapore. You can find their stores nationwide. I bought mine at Orchard. They have different price ranges to different sets of chocolates. You can buy 2 Hershey packs for only $3.  Other offer include 2 for $10 2 for $5 and 3 for $15. You can buy all sorts of international and local made chocolates here such as Caldbury, Hersheys, Belgian, Reese, Sneakers, Twix, Milka, etc. 


Image result for valu$
photo taken from Tampines

This store also sells chocolates for a low price. You can get a bundle of Toblerone for only $3.5. The only downside of shopping here is that their selections are limited. You will only find those popular brands that can be bought at any grocery store. 


photo taken from Beryl’s

A very affordable chocolate brand from Malaysia. There are lots of shops at Singapore that sell these chocolates. A small box of white chocolate with macadamia nuts retails at $3. It’s the Christmas season and they offer promos limited for this month.  When you buy $30 worth of purchase, you get a free box of chocolate!

II. Salted Egg Potato Chips

photo taken from Pepper Ph

Back when we don’t have brands that cater to salted egg chips, this was a sensation! A lot of people are lining up to have a taste of Irvins’ Salted Egg Chip. Most commonly, when someone you know is planning a visit at Singapore, this is a “must” pasalubong. It still is!

Auntie Esther

Image result for auntie esther chips
photo taken from Auntie Esther

I bet you never heard of this brand. It’s one of the leading brands at Singapore in the Salted Egg Chip department. If I were to compare it to the most popular brand, Irvins, their biggest size is Irvins’ smaller package. Their potato chip is thinner and their flavored powder has a thinner consistency in the mouth so it’s lesser fat than Irvins’. Since the chip is thinner, it’s crispier and has more of the burn / cooked flavor.  

This is the only brand here mentioned that does not have a store in the Philippines. 


Related image
photo taken from Irvins

Irvins was the most sought out brand for salted egg chip in the Philippines when there was only one branch to accommodate all the consumers. It still is the most popular brand but now that a lot of local brands appearing the market, customers now get the option to buy from different brands. Hence, the queue is not a hassle anymore, and you get the guarantee that stocks will never run out!  

Golden Duck

Image result for golden duck
photo taken from Amazon UK

I saw this at one of the stores I’ve encountered when I was roaming around Orchard road and Chinatown. They have a store here in PH too. Compared with the first 2 brands, their salted egg flavor is spicier. It has the same fat flavor similar to Irvins. There’s not much of a difference in the taste if you ask me though. 

III. Beef Jerky (Bak kwa)/ Beef Flakes/ Chicken Flakes

Related image
photo taken from Chinese Foody


You can find a lot of beef jerky and other Chinese delicacies at this part of Singapore. A really popular brand for Bak kwa is Bee Cheng Hiang. Check it out for yourself!

Changi Airport

If you forgot your food shopping, you can roam around Changi airport. Go hours early before your flight so that you can window shop to dozens of stores inside the airport. What do you expect from one of the best airports in the world? It has almost everything. Literally everything

IV. Clothes

Singapore is an expensive place to shop and to haul. When you are in a budget, stray away from its busy malls and visit Haji Lane instead. 

Haji Lane

Lined up in this small alley are shops, cramped together, selling different products and services. One of them is clothes! There are a few bargain priced clothes which is cheaper than those found at malls you can check out.

V. Books


Photo taken from Kinokuniya

This is a popular store based on Japan that sells toys and books for geeks and anime lovers. A branch of Kinokuniya is available in Singapore at Takashimaya Mall. If you have someone you know that loves anime, he/she will definitely want those manga volumes of their favorite anime. 

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