I had a nice cup of ambiance (and coffee) at Coffee Project BGC

I often go to a coffee shop and spend my time either reviewing or researching back when I was still in college. However, today now that I’m a working girl, I don’t sit and sip, instead, buy a drink and speed my way down the road. The busy times are catching up with people like me and don’t have the luxury to stay put at one place. Coffee Project leveled up it’s game and crafted it’s interior into a beautiful piece of art. This made me think about allotting time for coffee and rest and besides, who doesn’t want to stay at this cafe for a while?

Coffee Project has set the bar high in terms of its visually appealing ambiance and interior. It’s not enough to have a good tasting coffee. Ambiance also takes a part to the customer experience. 

For my outfit, I chose a statement shirt which I bought at Trendsetter Bazaar. Check out my post if you haven’t yet. 

This was perfect for the warm brown colors inside the cafe. A simple statement shirt partnered with a checkered pencil skirt is an easy outfit to pull off. I noticed that girls usually buy tops that will complement their maong jeans or a plain colored bottom. It’s equally important to have a variety in your trousers and skirts too! 

The trend today are those checkered skirts and pants on different colors. You should buy those gingham skirt, pants, and shorts for this season. Colors like black and white is great if you want to partner it with anything in your closet. I chose maroon and black because it’s a lovely color to match with anything warm 🙂 

Come visit Coffee Project BGC to check this gem out!

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