Time to do your Christmas shopping at Noel’s Bazaar 2018! Super sulit!


Since the Christmas Holidays are about to start, people are getting busy in preparation for this festive season. From setting up Christmas decorations at home to buying Christmas gifts for loved ones, Filipinos love to celebrate! It’s better to shop early than stall it for next month because there will be a lot of people hoarding those cheap deals especially at Noel’s Bazaar.  Of course, let’s not forget Christ’s love and spirit of giving which is the heart of what Christmas is all about.

Schedule and Dates

I attended the last day of Noel’s Bazaar Nov 24-25,  at World Trade Center. Don’t fret, you can still shop because it will be still running at Filinvest Tent, Alabang and SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. The dates and schedule are taken from their Facebook page. See below dates:


Hurry and block your schedule and attend this yearly bazaar event!



One ticket costs Php70. This includes the entrance fee for Filinvest and SMX Mall of Asia. This is a huge deal because for one ticket you can attend all of these bazaars at different places. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in World Trade Center, then you can scout other places (Filinvest, MOA) that is also hosted by Noel’s Bazaar.

Gift Ideas / Products Sold

This is a BIG bazaar with estimated 50+ stalls and I’m still not sure about those numbers. My friend and I went here for a clothes haul and for 3 straight hours we haven’t visited every shop yet!  Noels’ Bazaar at World Trade Center took 3 halls for the venue and it was massive!

The place is not crowded because the space is big. If you don’t like crowds this is perfect for you because it has everything you need + it’s spacious. No need to squirm yourself through people just to buy your favorite skirt.

Some of the products sold are:

  • Fashion for Men and Women
    1. Blouse, Shirt, Pants, Jumper, Short, Jacket, Dress
    2. Socks
    3. Hat, Shades, Headband, Hair Accessories
    4. Shoes, Heels
    5. Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Wrist Watch
    6. Bag
  • Gardening Materials
  • Fur
  • Plushies, Toys
  • Makeup
    1. Chair
    2. Ring Light
    3. Contact Lens
    4. Lipstick/Palettes/Pencils etc…Locally handcrafted material
  • Locally Handcrafted Products
    • Bag
    • Sandal
    • Wallet/Pouch
  • Christmas Decorations
    1. Lights
    2. Artificial Pine Tree
    3. Figurines
  • Phone accessories
  • Food
    1. local made such as Salted Egg Chips
    2. Kakanin such as Cassava, Puto bungbong
      Fruits and Vegetables (i know!)
  • Gadgets
    1. Ring Light
    2. USB Charger
    3. Power bank
  • Credit Card Inquiries
    1. Citibank
    2. UnionBank
  • Cooking Materials
    1. Griller, sandok, palayok, etc..
  • Action Figures
  • Paintings

I’m not sure if I covered everything because of how enormous the place is. Some of the shops I remember and will recommend are the following: 

Alegra Shoes PH

This shop sells heels and flats for women. Mind you, these are not your ordinary heels because you can customize them by changing the strap! You can wear a different strap to have different looks with just one pair of flats/heels. The price for a pair of heels is Php1399 and you get 2 straps for every  purchase. 

Dapper Watch Manila

I love their stall and the wrist watches that they sell. It has a certain class and feel to it. It’s not too expensive and it’s gorgeous. Why not check them out? 

I love Noel’s Bazaar and I love to come back here for more Christmas Shopping. You won’t break the bank with their prices, plus, you get a lot of choices for your gifts. Take a list of all the things to buy and let’s go!

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