KDA Akali inspired outfit

Image result for kda akali

KDA Popstar became a hit on its first day of release and garnered a million views in YouTube! For those who don’t know about this, KDA is a digital KPop group created by a gaming franchise called League of Legends under Riot Games. They released the music video during their Worlds 2018 finals before the final match was taken place. Actually, I’m a big fan of League of Legends! I have been playing the game for 3 years constantly watching the e-sports scene while I’m at it.

I basically used these pieces to complete the KDA Akali look

  1. Black Cap
  2. 4 bangles
  3. mask
  4. Thermal Jacket
  5. Golden bling bling
  6. Black Choker
  7. Thick Black Leggings
  8. White belt
  9. Black boots
  10. High knee black socks

Soyeon of (G)-IDLE portrayed Akali in the music video and live performance which inspired me to buy this big jacket. I really like her jacket which she wore in the live performance.

Props to Riot games for making an awesome music video with its superb animation and hype music.


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