Anime-ish Inspired Outfit

anime-ishAnyone who is an anime fan?  I love anime and I usually watch during my free time. In fact, I was a cosplayer who attended cosplay events such as Cosplay Mania, Comic Con, etc. Today,  I don’t follow the cosplay community anymore but I still admire cosplayers. The inspiration for fashion actually rooted from my love for anime and this piece of outfit is a tribute to that inspiration.


We went to Sycip park beside Active park at Makati. I didn’t know about this park before my friend told me about it. It’s actually a privately owned park which is open for the public. So if you’re tired of strolling at Ayala triangle gardens, you can head over near the area beside Greenbelt 1’s Active park.

Sycip Park is a Japanese styled  garden resembling the Japanese Garden of Luneta Park. This is because surrounding area has bamboo plants, shrine displays, and a gazebo structure attributing to Japan. You can see Koi fishes swimming at a small pond beneath a small bridge connecting a playground and shed.


I made sure to wear my bandanna bought from Singapore to bring out the cute-ness in the outfit. I wanted to go wild and do something different for today so I found an old skirt from Forever 21 and started to play with it. If you have a piece of clothing you are not using anymore and not planning to give away, then why not customize it for your own liking?

I wanted to buy a half skirt and shorts but they’re quite expensive. Fast forward to end of story, I designed my own skirt by cutting a big slit for my shorts to peek in. Not bad for a start? Don’t do this if you don’t want destroying your favorite skirt. Do it for those clothes that you are not using anymore. As for me, I’m happy with the result 😛

Gonna end this post with the beautiful lights of Ayala Triangle gardens. Can you spot the hidden mickey? 😛

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