Style your dress differently – Korean Style

I was out for a week and so much has happened. Now, I’m back for more content for you guys! This week I’ve prepared a couple of outfits that you might like for this Christmas Season. This includes the crowd’s favorite -Korean style clothing.

You don’t need to buy an expensive dress to achieve this look. Just look for any A-line or a Full Skirt type of dress that you can wear comfortably. 

Once you’re done, find a print that you like to wear. You can go with a plain dress that will match your second piece of clothing. Or you can imitate me by choosing 2 colors and finding 2 different prints for each clothing piece. I limited myself to two colors so that it won’t be overwhelming in the eyes. 

Now for the inner part, I used my turtle neck long sleeve. This was a perfect match to my black and white polka dot dress because it is of the same family color. 

For the shoes, I used brown colored socks on top of my black Rusty Lopez heels to complete the look. The vibe for this is cold Christmas. Although here in the Philippines the weather feels like summer, I’m preparing for the chills next month ( I hope so)

Dress from Zara, Top from Baguio Night Market

All photos were taken by Shutter Dan.

Till next time ❤ 

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