After office Crepe Craving


It’s a Friday happy weekend night for the rest of the people here in Makati. The crowd are off to watch Makati’s Disney inspired lightshow which was about to start. It was something. Most of them are now grouping up at Ayala Triangle gardens just to see the spectacle. After joining a hectic event, we headed towards Creperie Amelie for a nice quiet relaxation away from the crowd.

For this Friday night, I wore my light blue jumper from Style Genie Ph. If you haven’t check out my post about them, check it in this link.


I partnered the baby blue jumper with a dress that I bought last year at Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. This was a fun outfit to assemble because if I were to describe my fashion sense, it is cute and fluffy! You name it, the fluffs, ruffles, laces, pastel colors, and white dresses are all on my list of to buys.


I made sure to order their Smores flavored Crepe and Vanilla shake. The food is delicious and we definitely want to go back to taste more of their crepe choices.


I was having fun with my outfit so I grabbed my small pompom dangling earrings that I bought at a Tyange (thrift store) near my place to complete the look.

What are your thoughts? I’ll be posting soon of the inspired outfits which I am preparing for you guys so stay tuned ❤


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