[Review] Php 60 lipstick?!! Miss Rose Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

missroseI was browsing at Shopee and I stumble upon this product called Miss Rose. There are a lot of cheap makeup products that are as effective and sometimes better than those expensive brands in the market. I have proven this when I tried Beauty Glazed’s eyeshadow palettes that will save your bank and your eye makeup. And so, my fear and misconception of cheap makeup products are so last year. Let’s find out if it works like a charm!

Before Swatching

6 shades and my bare lips 😛

I’ll be trying out 6 shades for this time. Prior to swatching these lipstick, I considered these items below:

  1. I have not edited / filtered photos with a lipstick on so that appearance will stay true to what you will be getting.
  2. I used an oil based makeup remover for my lips and ensured that it is dry before putting on a lipstick
  3. These were very pigmented which is why I reapplied a concealer around my lip to clean this area.

Let’s get started!

Bel Air

This shade is a peach orange kind of nude lip color which is perfect for summer. It’s not too bright so it won’t pop out awkwardly if you have a darker skin shade. This was so easy to apply in the lips. One swipe and hello pigment!

Times Square

It looks so pale in the picture but I swear it looks better in person. This is a pale pink with a blue undertone lip color. When I look at it closely, I notice a subtle purple color. I don’t often use this because it won’t match most of my usual looks. This one was a little bit patchy because I had to swipe 2 times just to hide my original lip color.


This is perfect for your everyday makeup look. It’s a rose pink colored matte lipstick that will go anything with little to no eye makeup. I find the color feminine and can be easily partnered with your casual dresses. This one glided perfectly on my lips with no effort.


This one is a deep red with brown undertones and flatter almost any skin type. If you’re going for a mysterious and sophisticated look, I think this is perfect to complete the package. Bring this lipstick on a club night with your friends or a dinner night with your boyfriend.


I know what you’re thinking. The shade is similar to Chicful? It’s almost as if it’s the same color. I was thinking of the same thing actually! It differs a little bit if swatched on an arm, chicful is browner and darker as compared to this.


Out of every reds I bought, this one was the most wearable. It’s not too dark and it has more of the red tone which is popular among Filipinos. This is a shade where you have to always smile because it will make your teeth whiter 😛

Here are my final thoughts:


  • Very pigmented. You can wear it with just one swipe.
  • Claims to be waterproof and yes it is
  • Cheap, affordable
  • Long lasting
  • they claim to be matte, but instead, they have a satin like finish which I don’t mind
  • not drying
  • packaging is beautiful and compact


  • Most of the shades were hard to apply. I literally have to press hard to glide it on my lips
  • Only available online
  • Shade Time Square is patchy
  • The darker shades were similar in color
  • Some of the shades were not true to the packaging’s color
  • The pictures provided online are misleading to shade’s true color
  • A little bit heavy in the lips
  • Transfers


For a Php60 matte bullet lipstick, I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it would perform sub par to some of my drugstore brand lipsticks, but to my surprise, it actually performed on par and even better than some of my drugstore lipsticks. The only think that bothers me is that it feels heavy in the lips. I could feel that I’m wearing something, it’s like putting on petroleum jelly on your lips. Then multiply the weight by 2. Overall, it’s not a must have but definitely a lipstick that won’t fail you on your budget department.


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