Jeffree Star Velour Lipstick (Nude color collection) + Swatches


Jeffree Star Cosmetics is officially in the Philippines and do you know what that means? It’s goodbye wallet for a lot of us especially for Jeffree star fans who are dying to try one of his lippies. I’ve purchased 5 nude colored lippies that might interest you. Let’s get started!

For us to judge these matte liquid lipsticks equally, I laid out a couple rules before we get started.

  1. All of the pictures that has me + lipstick on are not filtered/edited so that lip appearance will stay true to its color
  2. I used my Beauty Water by Son & Park as a makeup remover
  3. I made 1 dip per application on all of the swatched lipsticks
  4. I let the lipstick dry before taking a picture
  5. I used my Jeffree Star Velour lip scrub before trying the lipsticks out

Now, let’s dive in!

Lip Scrub

I used my Jeffree star velour lip scrub to remove all those dry patches on my lips so that lipsticks will appear smooth.


1. Celebrity Skin

According to ate saleslady who was assisting me, this is one of Jeffree Star’s best selling lip product. I don’t see why it isn’t, because it is easily an everyday lip product that anyone with a light complexion can wear. This will not fit with people who has a darker skin type. (Morenas)



2. Allegedly

I love this color! This is the first lip product I purchased and I’m living for this! This has a warm brown pink orange shade. It reminds me of the color of clay pots. This suits a wide range of skin types so if you have a darker skin color than me, don’t fret because you will still slay wearing this.



3. Mannequin

This one was a little bit hard to wear because of its lighter color as compared with the previous lip products I tested. I think that it will be too pale for darker skin types. I personally like to wear this with little makeup on to give a natural look vibe.



4. Hunty

This was the palest nude out of everything this shade is the fastest to dry but it’s so pale it looks like a concealer in my lips. This will go nicely with a heavy eye makeup, but considering how hard to pull this off, it’s the last on my list of everyday lipsticks.



5. Leo

This is the darkest shade and i’m loving it. I think that this is also great for any skin type.



Overall I loved the formula of these matte liquid lipsticks. They are so light in the lips that it feels like I’m wearing nothing. The staying power is also superb. It erases with oil, if you eat oily food, but that’s normal for a lip product. It doesn’t transfer and is not too drying! It’s a little bit expensive though, one lip product costs Php1300. If you are a fan, go ahead and buy this. If you are also a fan of matte lips that doesn’t try in your lips! This is it!!

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