Are you looking for a stylist to pick your clothes? Try Style Genie PH!

Style Genie PH (1)

Hey lovelies, I’ve prepared something special for you. I came across a platform which allows customers to let a styling coach pick outfits based on their preferences. If you don’t trust your sense of style or if you want others to style you then this is your stop! Style Genie PH is a convenient way for us to communicate with Style Genie’s in-house stylist and let them pick a personalized style set for us. Isn’t that exciting?

This one I’ve personally tried and tested and assure you that this is worth your penny. All you have to do is register through their web site then complete your style profile.

Prior to Ordering

  1. Register
  2. Complete style profile
  3. Purchase a style box
  4. Then you’re done!


Your style profile is a 3 part form where you get to express your preferences. All of your inputs for Style Genie to craft your box is based on this so think about it carefully! Don’t worry you get to change your style profile every time you make a purchase.


You can upload a picture of yourself so that the style that they’ll give to you is more accurate.


They even have an option for you to select what items you WANT to receive. If you are feeling adventurous then just choose Suprise Me!


Mode of Purchase

I can’t stress this enough but good heavens! They have a Cash on delivery option for those who don’t have a Paypal or a credit card! So if you’re worried that you can’t purchase online, you just have to prepare your cash before delivery guy arrives at your doorstep!

They have a monthly subscription as long but this is only for those who has Paypal and a Visa /Mastercard Credit Card.

After Purchasing

You will be receiving a box 2-5 days after purchase. Style Genie will notify you via email whenever:

  1. Delivery is delayed
  2. Box is about to be delivered at your address on the same day

There is an alternative option for the shipping company to notify you and it’s via mobile. Just make sure that your mobile number is correct at your account settings.


Aside from the box, they also left me a note inside. It’s cute and I love it! I opted for a cute and chic style which I think they slayed!


Here are the contents of my personalized box. My box contained:

  1. 2 accessories (2 earrings)
  2. 1 Jumper
  3. 1 Jumpsuit
  4. 1 Shorts

These are all local products which I really love. Let’s continue supporting our local products Filipinas.


Since it’s my first time purchasing, I availed their promo code OCTOBER and got 50% off from the original price! All of this for only Php 1249. You can get discounts by earning reward points, so you don’t have to always pay for the original price which is Php 2499. For more information, visit their FAQs in this link.

Product Rates:

  1. Local style box – Php 2499
  2. Global style box – Php 4999

What if it doesn’t fit?

Style Genie has a 14 day replacement period for everyone. If the clothes that they sent you doesn’t fit, you just have to contact them via email or messenger and they’ll willingly replace it. It doesn’t only apply for reasons like this, but also other reasons like

  1. You don’t like the style
  2. You think that they got your style profile wrong
  3. You think that the color doesn’t suit you

A customer has (1) chance to avail for the replacement.

Example Style

I’ve only used the jumpsuit they sent me. I’m dying to try out the other pieces. Here is a picture of me wearing my black and white jumpsuit with matching triangle earrings which are all included in my style box.


Overall, I’m happy with my experience and I’m happy to order more of these boxes!

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