KDA Akali inspired outfit

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KDA Popstar became a hit on its first day of release and garnered a million views in YouTube! For those who don’t know about this, KDA is a digital KPop group created by a gaming franchise called League of Legends under Riot Games. They released the music video during their Worlds 2018 finals before the final match was taken place. Actually, I’m a big fan of League of Legends! I have been playing the game for 3 years constantly watching the e-sports scene while I’m at it.

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Anime-ish Inspired Outfit

anime-ishAnyone who is an anime fan?  I love anime and I usually watch during my free time. In fact, I was a cosplayer who attended cosplay events such as Cosplay Mania, Comic Con, etc. Today,  I don’t follow the cosplay community anymore but I still admire cosplayers. The inspiration for fashion actually rooted from my love for anime and this piece of outfit is a tribute to that inspiration. Continue reading

[Review] Php 60 lipstick?!! Miss Rose Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

missroseI was browsing at Shopee and I stumble upon this product called Miss Rose. There are a lot of cheap makeup products that are as effective and sometimes better than those expensive brands in the market. I have proven this when I tried Beauty Glazed’s eyeshadow palettes that will save your bank and your eye makeup. And so, my fear and misconception of cheap makeup products are so last year. Let’s find out if it works like a charm!

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