Denim Pants + Denim Jacket

pastel perfect

After getting sick again, I was out in the woods for about a week. Normally, I would get well after 2 days but this took longer maybe because it was a relapse of the previous cold I had 2 weeks prior, or it can be from the stress I was constantly receiving. I’m well and alive after a week of bed rest. I’m about to kick and spin again for another week of fashion journal for you guys.  Continue reading

My very first Jimmy Choo flats paired with my favorite floral dress

kiddie sundress

This is one of my favorite dress that goes with every casual occasion without having the need for extra paraphernalia. The floral print reminds me of those illustrated in storybooks worn by a heroine, who is kind and thoughful and who everybody loves. The way a character is portrayed in his/her clothes has a say to the personality a story wants to portray; hence it goes well with little to no makeup because of how simple and innocent it looks.

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