Trendsetter Bazaar: Spent only Php700 for 2 pairs of top and bottom!


Trendsetter Bazaar is back and it’s at it again. You can find them in the Filinvest Tent at Alabang, Muntinlupa for this week’s Friday – Sunday , Oct 26-Oct 28. It’s their last day today! The bazaar closes at 9pm so if you’re near, you can check it out. There are a couple of local stores you can buy at a very low price. I went there yesterday and bought a couple of essentials you might find useful too! Plus, get a sneak peek to the 2 set of outfits I bought for just Php700 ($13.10)!

You can like and subscribe to their FB page or Instagram to stay updated to their events. They occasionally post shops stalls (one at a time) to get a peek of what to expect.

You’ll be asked for an entrance fee of Php100 ($1.87) before you can go in and shop. It’s more expensive than the bazaars I attended like Noel’s Bazaar. They usually just charge Php70 and you get to select from dozens of shop. While for this one, there were quite a lot too but not as big when you compare it to bazaar’s that are held at the World Trade Center.


They have a wide range of selections. This includes :

  1. Tops and bottoms for Men and Women (although majority of it is for women, I probably saw only 2 stalls for Men)
  2. Makeup
  3. Skin care products
  4. Food
  5. Shoes
  6. Sandals and heels
  7. Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings
  8. Undergarment
  9. Rug (a glamorous rug with a fur)
  10. Sunglasses / Shades
  11. Korean Socks
  12. Bags


If you love tees, there’s a shop here called Cosmic Concept Manila, which allows you to customize your tee. To order, you have to

  1. Choose a design
  2. Choose a color
  3. Choose a size

Plain and simple! There are a lot of cute designs to choose from, and you got all of this customization for your liking. Sizes S-L costs only Php250! While for XL is Php280. 


Below is a list of the things I bought

  1. 3 pieces of undies for Php 250
  2. A piece of bra is sold for Php 150. 
  3. I bought my shoes at Preview Shoes Ph for Php 1299. It’s already a bargain because their sandals and heels are of high quality. You’ll be able to definitely use it for a long time.
  4. 2 customized tees for Php500
  5. 2 pairs of OOTD looks for Php700


Photo grabbed at instagram/previewshoesph

My friend recommends Salted Egg Chips and Red Velvet Crinkles from The Cake Box. I love their Ube Crinkles, It’s my first time tasting ube flavored crinkles and it’s quite delicious!


Lastly, for the 2 OOTD looks here is a preview of what I’ll mix and match in my next blog posts!


These lovely babies are gonna be paired up with amazing looks! So stay tuned ❤

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