Cute and Sunny for this weekend!

Sunny mustard

A simple take on the sunny and happy vibes you get during weekends! Everybody has got to be happy during weekends. Am I right?

I picked up my mustard colored cardigan which I find unique. It has the Victorian era feel to it especially if partnered with a frilly top. In this case, I didn’t go for the classic princess look which you can get for this cardigan.


Instead, I went for the carefree look (lazy style) whenever I feel like strolling and mindlessly look at stuff. Number one rule, everybody deserves rest and away time from the stress accumulated from the weekdays. Take a break and have some fun!


Pairing everything with doll shoes and a black skater skirt gives the free and careless vibe which I am trying to achieve.


I’ll be soon posting a top 5, I know it has been so long, so stay tuned!

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