Ilocos Trip: What pasalubongs to buy

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Cmo’n guys it’s a common thing for Filipinos to bring home “pasalubongs” to your family, friends, coworkers. You won’t be able to escape their inquiries of goodies whenever you go back to a vacation trip. I’m bringing you the best souvenirs and pasalubong for all of your frennies. Here are the TOP 5 things or gifts to buy from Ilocos.

  1. Bagnet and Longanisa

Vigan is pretty known for its bagnet and longanisa. The crispy skin that might bring youo to your hospital bed (LOL) and the garlicky flavored longanisa that will make your mouth water. You should grab some while it lasts!


2. Chichapop and Chichacorn

You’ll never miss a chichapop and chichacorn store here in Ilocos. They are everywhere! When you buy 3 packs you get to pay P100


3. Grape wine and Dragonfruit Wine

I never thought that the wine taste great. It’s sweet and it’s something my sweet tooth wants! For those hardcore alcohol addicts, you can opt for a higher percentage of alcohol ratio. I’m happy with the 4% hihi


4. Bagoong and Garlic

Sauces has got to be one of my favorite add ons in a meal. Ilocos’ bagoong will never fail your taste buds. It’s cheap and tasty to your main courses! The garlic, on the other hand, is cheap here — cheaper than the stores in Manila. So you have to grab those garlic to save moolah!

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5. Vinegar

Those bottles of dark liquid you come across stores from all over Ilocos is actually vinegar! It’s called Basi —  a stronger tasting type of vinegar. The scent is powerful and smelling it will make you ughhh, but mind you, the taste is amazing! When it is partnered with Bagnet, it will bring you to the heavens.

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Photo by: Casuga

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