Denim Pants + Denim Jacket

pastel perfect

After getting sick again, I was out in the woods for about a week. Normally, I would get well after 2 days but this took longer maybe because it was a relapse of the previous cold I had 2 weeks prior, or it can be from the stress I was constantly receiving. I’m well and alive after a week of bed rest. I’m about to kick and spin again for another week of fashion journal for you guys. 

This pants was my favorite out of all the denim pants I own until I overused it. Now, it looks faded sprayed with white gray spots. I bought this at Forever 21 a year ago on a sale and mind you, you have to buy those colored pants while on sale because it’s worth every penny. I bought this for Php200 ($4) and look, it lasted me for a year, using it a couple of times making it too many to count.



The easiest to grab is my denim jacket paired with any cute printed blouse. Anyone can pull the jeans and shirt combo, of course even you. This is comfortable to wear shielding me from that air condition at office, and still looking fashionable as F. I’ve worn this denim jacket previously and grabbed it again because it looks good in any jeans.

Do you like a compilation of denim jackets? Comment below if yes 🙂

Jacket: Morgan De Toi | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shirt: Generic | Choker: Shopee | Shoes: Keds

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