Beauty Glazed Perfect Neutral (Review) + 5 sample looks

Beauty glazed _ Perfect Neutral

I’ll be reviewing this palette that I bought from Shopee. It’s the Perfect Neutral from Beauty Glazed. I bought this at Focallure’s store which offers a variety of makeup brands from China. One thing I can say is that the community is loving this palette because its affordable and pigmented. Let’s see what I have to say about this:


It has 14 shades which includes a couple of transitions, mattes, and shimmers. As you can see, I’ve used it quite often since the day I purchased it. It’s the perfect everyday palette for those who apply eye shadows to their daily makeup regime. I’m one of those people who loves nude color because it doesn’t attract too much attention. I’ve used it for 3 weeks now and I can assure you that this assessment is 100% honest and true and is all based on my experience of using this product.

1. Price

I bought this for P245 ($5) at Focallure store in Shopee. For a pallete that has 14 shades, this is a snatch!

2. Packaging

It’s a compact palette which can fit in any small bag except for small make-up pouches. The packaging is actually nice. I wasn’t expecting anything classy looking from this but the front design looks amazing and doesn’t look cheap. The print in the front has an embedded font indicating the brand. It’s not dust and finger print proof. The only thing I don’t like about this is that It doesn’t have a mirror provided.

3. Color Palette

There are a lot of nude colors to choose from. It also has a fair amount of transition shades to help your eye shadow blend well with other colors. The shimmers were okay but not something amazing. The matte shades are powdery but not to the point where the colors were making a mess of the package.

4. Color Pay Off

This one I was a little bit shook. The mattes were powdery but they were definitely pigmented! I love the apricot and neutral colors. These colors are  flattering for fair skin plus I can use it everyday at work because it’s not too bold to wear. I didn’t have any challenge applying the matte shades even those colors that aren’t popping. I was a little bit disappointed with the shimmer because it takes patience to apply this and make it show. The shimmer isn’t strong so you have to 1. wet your eye shadow brush 2. build it up till you get the shine you want. Don’t worry there’s little to no fall out for this product. I apply this with my foundation ready.

5. Longevity of wear

This definitely lasted longer than I was expecting. It gets through the end of the day for about 8-10 hours. The shimmers and mattes faded a little. The shimmers were the most noticeable because it didn’t look shiny at all. It was reduced to a matte shine. I noticed that using an eye shadow primer improves the product’s staying power although even without a primer it works as fine as well.


  1. Cheap
  2. Pigmented
  3. Little to no fall out
  4. Packaging is nice doesn’t look cheap
  5. Small and ready for travel
  6. Sits well with an eye shadow primer


  1. Shimmers takes a little more effort to make the shine visible
  2. Shimmers get faded at the end of the day
  3. Not readily available in the Ph market because you have to order it overseas
  4. Powdery matte colors
  5. Package has no mirror on it


I give it a 4 out of 5 because it’s cheap and it’s doing its job well as an eye shadow palette. The colors are nice for everyday. My personal favorite is the neutral color from this collection. It’s not hard to apply the matte shades while the shimmers takes a little more effort, I still don’t mind because the color is visible and very pigmented.

Sample Styles

As promised, here are the 5 styles you can do with this eye shadow palette. You gotta love this nude, earthy colors for your everyday look.

Sorry this one is blurred. This one is the basic matte look. I didn’t incorporate any shimmer color here


This one I went a little bit wild and mixed 4 colors. Good for day parties.


I was trying out the palette if it can use it in a bolder and daring look. I got the black color from the palette and achieved a smokey eye look.


I tried out the glazed color which is a really nice highlight color for your matte shades.


This one is the all shimmers eye look. Really nice for that gurly outfit.




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