Denim is not extra


Who here is a fan of denim? Dark blue denims are my favorite denim color. I wore this during a Klook convention held in SM Aura. Generally, people love discounts but I think that Filipinos feel too over-hyped when it comes to sale and discounts. True enough, a lot of people attended the convention hunting for travel promos. We went here because me, bf and friends scheduled a flight earlier this year going to Singapore. So we needed the 50% promo code for Universal Studios and lucky enough we got it!! Life hack ++ , check for travel conventions if you are planning to visit places locally or internationally because it absolutely helps cutback expenses.

I wanna achieve an edgy glam casual outfit for the convention goer so I pulled off my fave denim jacket from Morgan de Toi and topped it off with eye catching red jumper from Jennyfer.

A denim jacket on top of any casual outfit won’t ever looked overdressed (except of course if you’re running outside with temperature more than 30 degrees Celsius). I wore the jacket on top of my jumper dress to give a sort of laid back look despite my pastel pink bag contrasting the sharp look I’m going for.

If it’s too hot outside, take off the denim jacket and wear the jumper dress as it is. I’m a person who easily gets shivers so I wore a plain white tee beneath the red midi dress to add a tiny bit of cover. (every clothing counts!). I paired the outfit with a plain white shoe shoe. Go if you’re not afraid to show some skin. I personally think that this outfit would look better without the white tee. In the end, I chose comfort over style.

For the final touches, I used my red-brown lipstick from Miss Rose in the shade of Monica. Throw in a choker and Tada! The makeup is also important to the whole look. Dark colored shades adds a bold statement to your message.


Denim Jacket: Morgan De Toi | White Tee : Generic | Red Jumper: Jennyfer| Shoes: Generic | Choker: Shopee | Lipstick: Miss Rose | Bag : Michael Kors

I’m just here rambling some stuff I think might work for anyone who likes to be comfortable yet edgy. Go ahead and mix and match different types of clothing to your favorite denim jacket but most importantly have fun!

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