5 monochrome dresses for every woman

Preppy Kids

Another top 5 for you for this weekend. I chose black and white as the main colors for my basis however, some of the examples were leaning more on black. This is very easy to partner with anything because you can combine anything with black or white.

I compiled different black dresses you can wear at any occasion. The mixture of black and white can be worn at any event because of it being neutral. without further ado, here are my top picks

1. Sheath Dress

Dress: H&M

The most suitable wear at an office setting. This gives the wearer a formal and clean look that is ready to tackle any office work!

2. High Waist Dress

Dress: Limited Editions by Atmosphere

I love long sleeves because it’s cold in the office and I don’t want my arms freezing while I work. This is a cute and feminine look that can be worn at almost any occasion such as hangout with friends, simple dinner with love ones, or a quick coffee with workmates.

3. Shift Dress

Dress: generic black dress

A breathable and comfortable suitable for office wear and special night outs. You can wear this on a date night or in any formal occasion. This dress will draw attention to the accessories you are wearing. It is designed for that way because of it’s simplicity. Wear your favorite necklace and earrings for an expensive look.

4. A-Line Skirt Dress

Dress: G200 | Coat: List

Perfect for your everyday look. A plain color of this dress and the simplicity of the design gives off an elegant and simple look. I topped this one with a trench coat to look professional.

5. Princess Dress

Dress: Forever 21 | Topper: Zara Basic

This one is perfect for the party look. I finished off my princess dress with a long sleeved see through topper.

Shoes : Rusty Lopez


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