5 ways to wear long sleeves


I’ll be starting my Top 5 series which is my top 5 picks for a given category.  Finally, something that might give you ideas! 😛  This is one of the many so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or message me and I’ll do my best to cover it on my blog.

We all  have one or two long sleeve polo in our closet because it’s a closet staple. If you don’t have long sleeves polo, you should at least buy one. Now, we are going back to the basics and make sure you learn how to wear your long sleeves differently. Without further ado, here are my Top 5 picks on how to wear your long sleeves.

1. Tucked In


The most common look that you’ll find anywhere. Pick a comfy long sleeves and tuck the ends in your bottom wear. This is a prim and proper look for anyone who prefers comfort > style.

2.  Unbuttoned and Rolled up


This look is better when your polo long sleeve is body fit. In this case, I was wearing a kind of loose long sleeve which did not accentuate my body shape. If it is worn with a bit tighter top, it will look great.

3. Knotted and Unbuttoned

IMG_20180907_221325The classic cowboy look. This is great for people who loves to wear shirt and pants / shirt and skirt combination and still want to look stylish.

4. Cardigan Style


If you want to just grab your polo and get ready as fast as you can without putting in much effort in thinking about what to wear, then this is your gimmick. Just grab a polo then leave it unbuttoned with a sleeveless sando / shirt inside. Trust me, you’ll still look great with less effort.

5. Off Shoulder


This is an entirely different and unusual way to wear your long sleeves but if you are feeling adventurous, I think this is a great alternative to the usual stuff we see out there. Definitely will fit in dance groups (swag)!

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