How to look extra bright this rainy season

colors of summer v2

That’s right! Let’s not join the bandwagon and drag ourselves with the sad and gloomy weather. Gladly, the rain is not as strong as compared to the previous months so I was able to wear my rubber shoes without worrying about wetting my socks. We discovered a coffee shop that has nice indoor aesthetics and ambiance along Salcedo, named Taylor’s Coffee Shop. It’s just beside Gong Cha. You should try this if you want a nice place to chill and relax after a hectic work day.

The tendency that I have when it’s the rainy season is that I prefer wearing pants rather than skirts because of the temperature drop.

  • A tip when buying pants (that are not maong) is to not pick the usual colors (white, black, dark blue). Try different colors like red, orange, green. At least have one pair of pants that has a striking color.

It’s not just people with fair skin who can rock this yellow outfit. Morenas can also wear this. You can add different accessories. An off shoulder top is empty without any necklace so I used a baby blue chain necklace for a regal touch.

lightbulbTip of the day

  • Combining warm and cool colors together balances out the overall look. Try and pick a warm color as your main color (e.g : yellow) then add an accent color (e.g blue) as the secondary. This can be interchanged. Making the warm color your primary color gives a sort of happy-go-lucky vibe. Don’t forget to accompany it with a smile 🙂 


[Top: Lee Cooper, Pants: Kamiseta, Shoes: Converse]
#brightcolors #outfitforblondie

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