Paint me in gold and red


Living the life as an office woman, often times we end up really stressed in our day-to-day activities. It’s more of a reason to start the morning with a bang. I was a little extra happy this day (despite the stress) because it’s not raining and it’s my first office wear to show. Daily grinds might wear us out but that will never stop us with wearing the right mood! 🤭

Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns with neutral printed cardigans. It makes the look feel indigenous. I love how vivid the colors of the top looks like. It becomes more emphasized when it is partnered with a plain colored bottom. If it’s cold in the office, you can add a plain colored cardigan / coat. Orange is a wild color to add, but if you love to play with colors then it is a nice addition to the look.

lightbulbTip of the day

  • Wearing nude colored heels gives the illusion of height. This will make you a little bit taller.

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[Blouse: Express, Slacks: J-Calikusu, Cardigan: Lanidor, Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: Gibi]

#officewear #pumps #redandgold #ribbon #officeclothes

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