This is it!


Hi guys! I’m Kaye and I’m so excited to share with you my first ever blog about fashion. I’ve been dying to start one out — like forever. I don’t have a degree in fashion nor I do not have any professional experience but I love clothes and make-up. I put in as much personality I can express through the clothes I wear.

This may be surprising to some of my friends (heya!) but here it is surprise! 😛 I usually hear comments such as “You look good in that dress” up until “You have a weird sense of fashion.. but in a good way”. Now I’m giving all the built up outfits to you guys so that you may use it as well. From outfits, to makeup to travel, It all depends on the MOOD people! So wear it and spice up! Never been this glad to share this hobby of mine.

Cut to the chase. There will be a series of themes in a weekly basis. Puff and Spice is mostly just about the clothes but I’ll be including makeup partnered with the outfit. You’ll be able to see tips on how to imitate the look and other stuff to look forward to.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Follow the look – BARGAIN!


[Cat Blouse – Tennis Skirt – Pink Socks from Iconic – White Generic Shoes, Cardigan: Promod]

You can imitate the look by pairing any white skirt with a pastel colored print blouse then top it off with white shoes and pink socks . Go light with the make-up by putting on a cat eye and a pink lip tint. 

#pastelwear #pastel #fashion #ootd #white #pink #catblouse #playful #promod

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